Expert Opinion: Big Data Analytics Simplified Using Everteam Solution

Hani Hanoun | January 31, 2018

You would be surprised from the amount of data produced by your organization on a daily basis. It’s not something you think of I am sure. You probably are more into the basic information you are able to gain from this data produced, however, something you cannot disregard is the fact that we are in a data-driven world. Big data analytics is what you really need to achieve business intelligence.

In most organizations, or allow me to say, in most unsmart organizations, data just keeps moving back and forth. It is utilized for the basic needs with no additional importance given. Little do people know that this data is what can help you achieve your organizations goals and objectives. When the important parts of data are separated from the unnecessary general information, you will be able to generate key information to turn it into recommendations, strategies and knowledge . . .

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About Hani Hanoun

Hani Hanoun is the Country Manager of Everteam UAE, and the VP of Centralized Services at Everteam Global Services. With over 15 years’ experience in the field, Hani has a Bachelor in Computer and Communications Engineering and a Master of Science in Project Management (with Merit) from the University of Liverpool. Read Hani’s full bio here.



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