Can the way you manage records make a difference?

Mike Salvarezza | February 20, 2018

In today’s technologically enabled world, electronic records and information are at the heart of almost everything we do as business professionals, leaders in our organizations and citizens of the world. Through innovative technologies and applications that can now draw previously hidden insights and create wonderful new capabilities, real solutions to some of humanity’s most challenging issues are now within our reach.

For example, BlockChain technology is being used to create digital identities for those who previously did not have access to the benefits of the modern economy. This is a ground breaking new application for digital records using a disruptive technology that will help address the extreme poverty that exists in some corners of the world.

At the International Criminal Court in the Hague, digital records are being used to preserve the history of atrocities and war crimes for decades in the hopes of preventing the repetition of these horrible acts in the future.

At the MER, we have coined the phrase “Records for Humanity”, a term that refers to these, and many other, efforts to use records in the service of long standing societal problems. With the advent of new technologies and bold new thinking, solutions are now in reach. And records play an important part ion many of these efforts.

Come to the MER and learn from our two Keynote speakers how innovative uses of digital records is helping to change the world.

Records for Humanity does not only refer to those far-reaching efforts to address the most challenging problems of our times.

Indeed, we believe that because of the intimate connection between records and information and the myriad business imperatives that exist across the entire spectrum of our economies, records are directly affecting all of humanity. For example, when artificial intelligence technology makes use of instantaneously created records an autonomous self-driving vehicle becomes a reality. When medical records are used to discover new treatments for previously untreatable diseases, the benefits to those afflicted become obvious. When extremely localized and granular records of weather patterns are mined for deeper insights, more effective agriculture becomes possible.

Regardless of the businesses we are in, Information Governance and the proper management of electronic records and information not only supports our organizational goals and objectives but, through the products and services we are helping to produce, affects society.

How does what you do help your company advance its goals? How do those goals positively affect society? What is your records for Humanity story? We want to know!

Look for more information on how to share your stories with us in the near future.


Mike Salvarezza

As the Vice President, Content Development for the MER Conference, Mike provides key insight and expertise in the areas of Information Governance and Records and Information Management to create a relevant and compelling MER Conference experience for its attendees and exhibitors. Mike is recognized as an industry expert on eDiscovery and his extensive Information technology background enable him to anticipate emerging trends and challenges from a Legal, technical and Operational perspective. Mike’s tenured career includes extensive experience in the complementary disciplines of information technology, records and information management, compliance systems and culture and behavior, enabling Mike to succeed in traditionally difficult areas by combining unique perspective and knowledge. Working in the defense industry for eight years, Mike transitioned to a successful career at Altria Group, Inc., embracing various positions of increasing responsibility within the IT function.

Roles that contribute to Mike’s ability to bring a unique insight include Altria Group Director, IT, in which Mike was responsible for setting technology standards on a global basis. Working closely with Altria Group Compliance and Integrity function, Mike was directly responsible for the development of the award-winning Altria Code of Conduct e-Training module. Finally, as Altria Group’s Director of Compliance Systems and Records Management, Mike’s combined technical expertise and RIM knowledge contributed to the successful management of the company’s global records program in one of the world’s most heavily litigated industries.

At LRN, Mike served in a senior leadership role, helping to innovate and create a culture of principled performance, elevated behavior and self-governance. In this capacity, Mike worked to transform traditional organizational structures and human resource practices into new models reflecting a philosophical point of view that aspires to create a more inspirational approach to culture and behavior within organizations for the 21st century.

In addition to his role with the MER Conference, Mike now heads up Pontus Consulting, LLC, and focuses on Ethics and Compliance consulting, with a specialized focus on Records and Information Management. He is a frequent and distinguished speaker, writer and thought leader on these important topics.

Finally, Mike pursues a passion for the marine environment through his work as an accomplished underwater photographer and recognized speaker. His expeditions to the waters of Antarctica, the reefs of French Polynesia, the strange and wonderful waters of Indonesia, and the waters under the ice in the Russian Arctic and in Greenland are but a few of the many remote, beautiful and fragile environments that he has explored and written about.

Mike has a B.A. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and Statistics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.




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