Integrating Long-Term Digital Preservation into Your Information Governance Program: First Steps

By Lori Ashley

The 2016 IGI Benchmark Report on The Governance of Long-term Digital Information confirmed that nearly all organizations represented have digital records and information that keep or need to keep in excess of 10 years.  More importantly, IG practitioners who participated in the survey indicated that they were aware hardware and software obsolescence represents a threat to the usability and readability of long-term digital information and records.

One year later, Preservica and IGI teamed up again to assess the value side of the long-term digital preservation equation, and to dig deeper in order to identify specific functions and systems where these information assets are produced and stored.  We confirmed that long-term digital content is spread far and wide across the enterprise, from file shares and collaboration environments, to line of business applications. This reality can be overwhelming, but based on the strength of the response by 83% of respondents that business value is a major driver for long-term preservation and governance, there is no option but to forge ahead to promote the long-view and integrate supporting capabilities in the Information Governance program.

I recently spoke with the IG director for a global financial services firm about progress in addressing long-term digital information. I’ll share highlights of our conversation and pass along recommended actions for others who may be working to integrate long-term digital preservation capabilities into their enterprise information governance programs.

I began by asking for her perspective on Information Governance, and she referred to IGI’s definition: Information governance is the activities and technologies that organizations employ to maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and costs . . .

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Lori Ashley
Industry Market Development Manager

Preservica is changing the way organizations around the world future-proof and access critical long-term digital information – enabling companies to drive innovation, confidently meet compliance and legal requirements and safeguard digital content of unique cultural and brand importance.


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