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Session 33: Building a Practical Plan for 2020: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Going forward, we need to recognize four information “realities”:

  • Information is the “lifeblood’ of most organizations,
  • There are many different types of information,
  • All information needs to be managed, and
  • How information is managed should be based on value of the information being managed.

As information managers, our challenge is to:

  • Participate in the process which determines the value of information.
  • Oversee the implementation of automated information management processes – from the creation of information to its ultimate disposition.
  • Align how information is managed so the outcomes of the information management process support our organizations’ ever-evolving needs – as defined by its business goals and its legal requirements.

In a world of extraordinary change, information managers also must be concerned about both the opportunities for, and the consequences of, change.

This Closing Keynote explores how to develop a multifaceted, multiyear plan to transform how your organization manages its information going forward – a plan that:

  • Maps your strategic information governance vision to the C-Suite’s needs, and,
  • Guides the successful implementation of operational projects.

In an informative and an entertaining way, this Closing Keynote will help you guide the buildout of your organization’s information management infrastructure.

Speaker: Randolph A. Kahn,Esq.

Randolph Kahn, Esq. and his firm, Kahn Consulting Inc. are recognized across the globe as leaders in Information Governance. The Kahn Consulting team has advised major global organizations including, advising the US and Foreign governments, courts systems, and major multi-national corporations on a wide variety of information issues, including; Big Data policy, Cloud architecture, e-communications strategies, privacy, social media policy, records management programs implementation, litigation response processes, etc. Mr. Kahn has been an expert witness in high-profile court cases, and is a trusted advisor to many organizations.Mr. Kahn has spoken hundreds of times across the globe, and is a two time recipient of the Britt Literary Award. He has written numerous published works, including; “Chucking Daisies”, “Email Rules”, “Information Nation: Seven Keys to Information Management Compliance”, “Information Nation Warrior” and “Privacy Nation.” He is a co-founder of the Council for Information Auto-Classification and has been involved in many industry organizations. Mr. Kahn is a licensed attorney and attained his Juris Doctorate Degree from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.Mr. Kahn teaches “Law and Policy of Electronic Information” at Washington University, School of Law, St. Louis, MO and “The Politics of Information at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.