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Session 32: Are RIM Managers Asking Too Much of the Business?

Many Information Governance (IG) professionals are frustrated with their inability to get business users to fully comply with IG Policy, despite their extensive change management efforts. They also wonder why their IT colleagues are not more supportive as new information management solutions are being introduced. Often an overly burdensome process that IG managers “ask the business” to follow to become compliant in their unstructured information environments (e.g. email, file shares, SharePoint, Box) is the reason for these problems.

The business is much more apt to comply with policy and IT more prepared to be an active participant when what is being “asked of the business” is more narrowly defined. Recent advances in technology make the timing right to reduce and simplify this “ask” by assuming user burden behind the scenes, using advanced analytics for auto-collecting and classification of records and related information.

This session explores:

  • The professional model for implementing IG Policy for electronic records and information
  • The traditional process that is followed to achieve this model and secure compliance
  • Elements of the process that must be done by end users and those that can be automated
  • Current technologies that support a new approach and automate many of the process steps
  • A new process for implementing IG Policy and managing unstructured electronic information 

Attendees at this session will leave with a practical alternative process for boosting business compliance with IG Policy and garnering more support from IT. There will be ample time for questions and comments during and after this session.

Speaker: Jim Coulson

Jim Coulson is Managing Director, Morae Legal Information Lifecycle Management, with over thirty-five years of experience, including founding two RIM consulting firms and building Huron Consulting’s global RIM practice, as Managing Director. A Certified Records Manager, Jim is a Fellow of ARMA International and received the Emmett Leahy Award, considered the highest global award in the profession.