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Session 31: Active Navigation’s Solution Showcase: 10 years from Customer to Vendor: IG Practicalities When Words are Not Enough

Governance is not new and its principles and practices are well proven. However, considering years of experience from a practical standpoint, it’s not clear that bringing the idea of governance to the information domain has changed much. With new frameworks and concepts for IG easy to find, there remains a remarkable lack of clear evidence that such thinking is actually helping information practitioners.

For the next few years at least, making a difference to years of information neglect will not depend upon the arrival of some new IG thinking but, instead, will be founded in the solid application of existing skills and approaches with powerful technology. Importantly, focusing on practical steps and demonstrating hard returns will give woolly IG thinking something hard to grab hold of. Focusing on getting governance done, Rich supports his view with several case studies.

Attendees should expect to take away:

  • Clear examples of what IG projects and benefits can be achieved by addressing the digital landfill without any grand IG strategy.
  • Case studies for executing on current information policies using skills and resources that already exist within their organization.
  • Ideas to reinforce their arguments when IG-speak paralyzes leadership and makes progress hard to achieve.

Speaker: Rich Hale


Rich Hale, Chief Technology Officer at Active Navigation Inc. served a full career in the Royal Air Force and became passionate about information governance and content valuation when he took on the RAF’s global information management and governance program. He focuses on pioneering technologies and practical approaches that enable organizations to discover, value and take control of their information estate.