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Session 30: CASE STUDY: Destruction of Electronic Documents vs. Physical Destruction

Now that you have gone ahead and destroyed your paper records it should be a snap to just take those paper record destruction practices and just mirror those practices in your electronic repository.  Not so fast.

In this case study, Ms Emery will illustrate what can happen when an organization continues to use destruction procedures developed for physical documents when implementing an electronic records management (ERM) system. She will provide specific examples of retention and destruction language that does not translate well in the ERM environment and show how this practice has the potential to create organizational gridlock and impair ERM implementation. Ms Emery will also provide more appropriate alternatives for your reference.

From this session, attendees will take away:

  • An understanding of why destruction processes do not have to be exactly to same to meet the organization’s RM objectives
  • The downside to treating electronic records destruction procedures the same as physical document destruction procedures
  • How important it is to make sure you review all retention and destruction practices prior to implementing an ERM system.

This is an interactive session where attendees are encouraged to ask questions and provide insights based on their experiences with the same situation.

Speaker: Priscilla Emery

Priscilla Emery is President and founder of ECM Scope (aka e-Nterprise Advisors), a provider of consulting and analysis services to private industry and government agencies. Her areas of expertise include information governance, records management and ECM strategies. As a visionary industry analyst, her insights have been sought after for their clarity and applicability to address the challenges user organizations experience with managing unstructured information.Prior to establishing ECM Scope, she was Senior VP of Information Products and Services for AIIM International where she was responsible for the development and delivery of publications and market research to AIIM members and associates. Before that, Ms. Emery was VP and Director of Gartner’s Electronic Workplace Technologies research center and New Science’s Intelligent Document Management service. As a visionary industry analyst, her insights have been sought after for their clarity and applicability to address the real world problems user organizations experience with managing all kinds of unstructured information.Most of Ms Emery’s work has involved the introduction of new technologies into the fabric of the company and making sure they provided a reasonable ROI for the effort made. All of these efforts involved the management of change (both emotional and technological) and Ms Emery continues to use these experiences to guide her consulting efforts for her present day clients.