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Session 23: ZL’s SOLUTION SHOWCASE – File Share Cleanup: How to do it Once… and Never Again

The traditional project-based approach to enterprise file share cleanup yields temporary results; by the time the cleanup is complete, the file environment is already on its way back to needing another cleanup. So if file shares are to be kept under control over time, the only logical option is to repeatedly conduct cleanup projects. Right?

Wrong. An endless cycle of cleanup projects can be avoided with careful selection of technology that fits within long-term information governance architecture. Yes, the end-user driven file environment can be messy and challenging; however, its reward is the collective human knowledge of the enterprise. File analysis and cleanup — embedded within ongoing information governance of file shares — not only minimizes risk, but also reveals deep insight that is not available via traditional BI methods.

This product showcase will examine not only how the right file analysis approach can provide a starting point for file share cleanup, but can also provide an opportunity to proactively classify and govern files in perpetuity: eliminating the need for repeated cleanup projects. To do so correctly can slash risk and redundancy, boost productivity, detect meaningful patterns, and transforms files from a cost center into a profit center.

Speaker: Kon Leong


Kon Leong is CEO/Co-founder of ZL Technologies. For two decades, he has been immersed in large-scale information technologies to solve "big data" issues for enterprises. His focus for the last 13 years has been on massively scalable archiving technology to solve records management and eDiscovery challenges for large enterprises and government institutions. He speaks frequently at records management and eDiscovery conferences on cutting edge trends and solutions. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Leong earned a BS degree from Loyola (Concordia U) and an MBA from Wharton (U of Penn).