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Session 20: CASE STUDY: Information Governance 2.0: What Is The Next Generation RIM Program? A Panel Of Experts Weighs In

For many organizations, the implementation of information governance (IG) is finally moving forward at a satisfactory pace. Thus, now is the time to plan for “what’s next” – to define how IG should evolve by 2020.

This session will focus on key issues that need to be addressed for IG 1.0 to evolve/transform to IG 2.0. For those who currently have an effective RIM program, what should they strive to achieve over the next 5 years? How can organizations dramatically improve their various control functions with the use of information management?

James Watson of Doculabs will moderate a three panelists from cutting-edge organizations which how they are progress to IG 2.0.  The discussion will detail “how” these organizations are moving from what they have achieved to what they now believe they need to achieve in the coming five years.  This will include: defining priorities, providing insights regarding anticipated costs and benefits.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to create integrated processes across information security, privacy, risk, and records management (and, just as important, how to leverage the significant funding available to information security and privacy initiatives)
  • The importance of managing information rather than just systems
  • How to introduce simple information classification and enrichment protocols
  • Techniques to reduce and prioritize the information that must be protected and/or retained

Special focus will be given to an integrated approach for achieving improved information governance over the next 5 years – enabling organizations to focus their limited resources more effectively.

Speakers: James Watson,PhD, Frank Duffy, Nicolas Seyot, Steven Webber, Robert O’Connor