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Session 19: MICROSOFT’S SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE: What We Learned Matters!

With more than 1500 professionals working inside Microsoft’s Corporate, External and Legal Affairs (CELA) group, collaboration, productivity and information management are of critical importance to the efficient operation of this function.

In this session, Microsoft Senior Director Nishan DeSilva and resident attorney Dennis Garcia will examine how Microsoft’s own in-house legal department has successfully moved to the cloud and how they are leveraging native functionality of Office 365 to accomplish critical aspects of their work while addressing the challenges of information management in a fast paced environment.

In addition, the speakers will describe how Microsoft’s newest solution, Matter Center for Office 365, is being used to leverage the existing strengths of the Office 365 productivity suite while making it easier for legal professionals to organize files by matter, find documents and seamlessly collaborate on legal work product.

Drawing from real-life implementation experiences within Microsoft, the speakers will highlight the benefits and challenges of implementing these tools so that you can learn what to expect and how to proceed as efficiently as possible with your own implementations.

Attending this session will help you discover possible untapped potential within your own Office 365 systems by showing how:

  • Microsoft is using existing automatic record retention (Records Center) and eDiscovery capabilities (eDiscovery Center) to help keep CELA in compliance;
  • OneNote is helping the Microsoft team meet the challenges of organizing its records and information while driving up productivity through collaborative and paperless notetaking;
  • Ubiquitous access to their information with OneDrive for Business is making the Microsoft team more competitive and efficient than they had previously been; and
  • The productivity of SharePoint Online through team sites and enterprise grade security standards keeps them moving forward while safely protecting and securing their data.

Speakers: Nishan DeSilva, Dennis Garcia