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Session 17: Market Analysis: Cyber Security and Information Governance

Studies indicate that 87% of the organizations questioned feel that formal data retention policies are valuable, but only 46% actually have them in place.  Combined with rapidly changing technology landscapes and burgeoning volumes of data, a lack of effective data retention policies can make Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) a time-consuming, burdensome, and costly undertaking for organizations.

Despite prominent headlines, established and emerging case law, heightened data privacy issues, and growing regulatory risks, the “disconnects” between in-house IT and legal departments are growing more pronounced every year.

This session A) addresses an important case law update, B) provides a robust discussion of enabling technologies, and C) identifies leading practices that are helping companies.

Specifically, attendees will learn how to

  • Create and sustain unimpeachable data retention programs;
  • Manage data more effectively and defensibly; and
  • Leverage existing organizational efforts related to compliance, data privacy, and information security.

This session will address how to:

  • Identify major areas of legal and regulatory risk, especially risks related to poorly controlled data governance programs;
  • Better understand how data is identified, collected, and used during litigation, investigations, and regulatory inquiries;
  • Contribute to risk management discussions about managing data more effectively and defensibly; and
  • Articulate ways to improve data governance by leveraging existing organizational efforts related to compliance, data privacy, and information security.

Speaker: John Jorgensen

Mr. John Jorgensen, the President and CEO of The Sylint Group, formerly worked over 25 years for and with the National Security Agency. The Sylint Group provides computer systems and signals forensic analysis, evidentiary data recovery and collection, data analysis, computer security systems specification, guidance and implementation, and Counter Cyber Warfare expertise. Sylint provides litigation support to include technical data recovery and reconstruction, deposition question assistance, 26(f) and Meet & Confer guidance, Affidavit and Motion preparation and electronic investigation and data search. Mr. Jorgensen has served as Special Master to the Court, served as an Expert Witness in both Federal and local Judicial jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters and has overseen the computer forensic analysis in over 1,500 successful cases. Sylint’s clients include Fortune 100 companies and AM 100 Law firms.