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Session 16: How Ready Are YOU to Lead the Advancement of IG in YOUR Organization?

Across many industries, Information Governance (IG) has been declared a business imperative! As a result, challenges and opportunities abound for the many professionals, regardless of their role and position, whose responsibility it is to execute on this imperative.

A survey conducted in 01Q2015 by Cohasset examined the readiness of healthcare professionals to address the technical and strategic demands they face, as well the opportunities that manifest as they advance information governance (IG) in their organizations.

The survey confirmed the myriad issues faced by professionals as they fulfill their IG responsibilities:

  • Sponsorship and “Tone at the Top”
  • Organizational IG oversight
  • Job satisfaction and career advancement
  • Training and education

While the 1260 survey participants were healthcare industry members, the findings offer insights applicable in nearly any other industry. For example, survey results uphold:

  • 43% of respondents strongly (12%) and mostly (31%) agree that their IG role affords them the opportunity to be more visible in and valuable to other departments in their organizations.
  • 32% of participants report no progress in advancing IG in their organizations, with another 24% indicating that IG simply is not an organizational priority.

Plot IG advancement levels in YOUR organization? Attend this session to:

  • Assess YOUR IG-related readiness and identify the challenges encountered.
  • Formulate internal action plans. Develop communications to highlight YOUR IG successes and opportunities, and those of the organization you represent.

Speakers: Karen Knight, Carol Stainbrook