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Session 12: CASE STUDY: The Convergence of Records Management and Digital Preservation

Question:  How can digital records of enduring value be preserved over long periods of time?  Digital preservation is a process, not simply a technology and faces media, format, software and hardware obsolescence challenges.  Is there an effective and practical approach to overcoming these hurdles?

In this session, learn the challenges and successful approaches, processes and technologies used to preserve digital records and information of enduring value over long periods of time.

Long-term digital preservation should be addressed as part of your Information Governance strategy.  What are you doing now to preserve records of enduring value?  Are your methods working? How would your organization be impacted if its historical or permanent records were lost?  Come and see how Records Management and Digital Preservation are working together at Brigham Young University to develop and implement practical approaches for the long-term preservation of digital records and information.

From this session, attendees will:

  • Identify the key challenges for preserving digital information
  • Identify practical process and technology options available for the long-term preservation of digital records and information
  • Learn the roles and responsibilities necessary to build a successful digital preservation program
  • Receive example guidelines for preserving digital information
  • Receive a data flow questionnaire, used to identify the types of questions that should be asked when receiving digital records for preservation purposes

Speakers: Howard Loos, Chris Erickson, Joshua Bullough