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Session 11:’s SOLUTION SHOWCASE: Bruce Miller Presents “The Final Frontier for RIM Compliance”

Email represents a significant portion of business records today, yet surprisingly, they are largely ignored in RIM (Records/Information Management) compliance initiatives. Email correspondence that deals with legal obligations or business transactions are clearly records; for example, proposals, client inquiries, and project status reports.  Until recently, there was no way to facilitate the four minimum requirements for recordkeeping of email: qualification, declaration, classification, and reduction.  Now, however, there exist both strategies and software solutions for dealing with the email recordkeeping problem, thereby opening the door to success for your RIM compliance initiative.

In this session:

  • Bruce Miller, independent consultant and world leading expert on electronic record keeping, explores and quantifies the RIM requirements for email and email integration software products, as the core foundation for realizing a successful information governance program.
  • David Lavenda, VP Product Strategy and information researcher will discuss the importance of the last mile of RIM compliance, including the need to capture and classify emails into a RIM system.
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of how RIM compliance solutions and Gimmal extend SharePoint to form a comprehensive and complete RIM compliance solution for emails and documents.

Speakers: Bruce Miller, David Lavenda