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Session 08: Email Management – A Progress Report One Year Later

Despite the surge in adoption of new technologies for communication and collaboration, email remains a corporate standard and isn’t going away anytime soon. Indeed, as time goes by, the management of email only seems to get more complex and confusing, with numerous platforms, configuration options and enabling technologies available.  Despite best intentions, many organizations make little progress beyond implementing an auto-delete policy and forcing end-users to fend for themselves when faced with email that really does require retention as a “record”.

Despite the challenges, there are organizations that are making progress!  Last year at the MER we heard from three large organizations who were all at different stages of maturity in implementing their email management strategies. This session reconvenes our panellists from last year to check in on the progress they have made over the course of the year in the actual implementation of their email management strategies.

Learn how each organization has attempted to overcome challenging technical, legal and cultural issues, with the objectives of:

  • Mitigating risk
  • Lowering cost
  • Enhancing compliance
  • Improving employee efficiency

Each organization has developed a variation on the “zoned” approach to email management, using native application capabilities as well as third party tools and enabling technologies.

Learn how each organization is addressing their unique technical challenges, as well as how they are leveraging the Legal, RIM and IT competencies within their companies to ensure all interests are represented in the email management strategy and implementation.

This session will also present the legacy email remediation strategies of each organization, as well as the significant challenges of change management.

Speakers: Laurie Fischer, Curt Kramer, Lynda Carlson, Cheryl Strom